Digital Asset Services Platform

How it works


Start staking multiple PoW and PoS assets with one click


Choose your staking duration and payment method with flexibility


Manage your portfolio allocation with ease


View your portfolio growth clearly through your account dashboard 

Key Features

Seamless user experience

Enjoy a hassle-free experience and enjoy consistent staking yield with RockX. Select from a range of PoS assets and start staking with one click. No more going through complex exchange registrations, KYC processes, or handling multiple cryptocurrencies.

The RockX team has more than 6 years of experience operating large mining farms with more than 30,000 mining rigs, amounting to over 300 petahashes in computing power. With RockX, you can get involved with mining right after your one-click purchase.

On top of the 6 years of experience managing large mining farms, we also have years of technical experience working on PoS blockchains under our belt. We currently support IOST, ATOM, LUNA, IOTX, and ARPA on the platform, and we plan to support many more PoS assets in the near future.

The product interface includes multiple security features. Apart from user passwords, we have enabled the use of Google Authenticator, KYC verification, text reminders, and manual verifications for large transactions.We have also employed the usage of hot and cold wallets for the storage of assets, dynamically allocating assets to maximise asset security. The system uses hardware security modules, multisig technology, and industry-grade encryption to ensure safe transferring of assets between wallets at all times.

About us

RockX is founded and led by Alex Lam, a respected veteran in the BTC mining space, and Xinshu Dong, a well-known scientist and practitioner in building secure systems.

Alex Lam

Founder and CEO of RockX

Xinshu Dong

Co-Founder of RockX


RockX launch set to accelerate staking-as-a-service...

Staking-as-a-service to be first step in the RockX journet to become a one-stop platform for individuals and institutions entering the growing digital economy

RockX offers staking profits to the mainstream

RockX announces staking-as-a-service platform to make staking accessible to all

RockX lowers barrier to entry for digital asset economy

RockX announces partnerships with Matrixport, Bitpie, and Terra, to continue to develop digital asset services and build the blockchain ecosystem